Our Story

Every woman has their personal style that shows through their preferred mode of dressing, each garment carefully chosen to serve a purpose and the pieces coordinated to achieve a certain goal that should not be left to chance. In keeping with the latest trends, there has been an inadequacy in finding modern yet modest smart casuals for women, but not any more…

Modern + Modest = MODERNEST

Inspired by a combination of shapes, patterns, moods and seasons, The Modernest is a clothing brand based in Dubai that seeks to transform the apparel industry through its premium quality signature clothes that are ideal for daily wear. Made using the softest of fabrics, the smart casuals are intricately designed and magnificently tailored to form unique pieces that conform within proprietary lines in a chic and classy way.

Authentic, versatile, of comfortable fit and wonderfully diverse, The Modernest pieces are non-transparent with no layering required and can be worn to work, dinner or travel. Exclusive and not fast fashion, distinctive of the brand is how there is something for women created into the perfect masterpiece through which their personalities and characters can shine through, leaving a lasting impression wherever they go!

Take a look at our collection today and find something that effectively represents you without compromising on quality.